Reinvigorating a
£175m retail category.

A recent (rather confidential) assignment set us a big challenge
How to reinvigorate a £175m convenience food category in one of the UK’s major grocery stores.

Having developed their view of the category trends and opportunities, and audience typologies, our client tasked MINT to bring it to life for their retailer customer.

It was a lovely problem for us to crack:

1. We knew that this particular food category, whilst having high household penetration, has low engagement for the majority of consumers.

2. With multiple sub-categories it’s a tricky part of the store for the consumer to shop. And with the continuing evolution of shopping missions we knew things would become even more challenging.

3. Finally, the quality brand values associated with retailer simply weren’t crossing over into its instore communications for this category.

Having observed shopping behaviour across numerous stores and retailers, we found the solution.

Simplify the shopping experience, add food values at the fixture and create more inspiration and excitement for the shopper.

So: MINT created a series of creative approaches that re-invented the category’s positioning within the retailer. From the big strategic idea – down to its execution at store level. Respecting the look and feel synonymous with the retailer’s communication style, but contemporising it. And demonstrating how to re-engage consumers through benefit led, inspirational imagery and messaging, to encourage reappraisal (and footfall) in the aisle.

We also took it one step further and showed how this might apply on possible new fixturing in the store over the coming years to accommodate consumers’ changing shopping behaviour.

All in all a great project to get our teeth into. Combining our unique insight and research capabilities with solid strategic thinking and stand out creative.

But you’ll just have to take our word for that for now…