#1 >Shoppers are changing behaviour. WTF now for brands?_

New research shows consumers’ changed purchasing behaviours in 2020. In the face of these insights, how will your brand react…?

#2: Online is kicking off – so WTF now for brands?

The online grocery explosion wasn’t a passing phase. And shoppers are increasingly open to trying new brands. The key data since Lockdown 1.0 2020.

#3: Discounts vs loyalty – what’s the big deal for brands?_

The role of discounting to encourage brand switching can be a powerful one. But it’s a double-edged sword for brands.

#4: WTF are the fastest growing FMCG categories & who’s losing out?_

Which categories are growing (or not), and where are the vulnerabilities to increasing levels of range rationalisation?

So how do you differentiate your brand? | Part 2.

Examining the importance of the consumer’s brand experiences across multiple touchpoints. How it creates differentiation. And how delighted consumers are prepared to pay more for their products.

So how do you differentiate your brand? | Part 1.

Conventional thinking says that every brand should have a unique point of difference. But in many mature, competitive or commoditised markets, there’s often only ‘points of parity’.

‘Love you too’. Improving customer relationships.

If relationships are a two-way thing, what are you and your customers really getting out of it? See how to make yours better.