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Working alongside marketing teams to boost understanding and help guide business decisions for brand owners, directors, and entrepreneurs.

Because of our deep understanding of brands and marketing, we’re uniquely placed to deliver actionable findings & focussed recommendations. Not tomes of incomprehensible data that gather dust on shelves.


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How’s our brand health doing – and are we salient?

Audience: Millennials; Gen Z | Geography: UK

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How’s our brand health doing – and are we salient?

An ongoing study that tracks key brand health metrics, category usage behaviour, and mum’s attitudes
Supports NPD and shift to new new value added products
Also tests/tracks messaging and impact of TV and marketing activity
Challenging to reach Mums in 3rd trimester and first time mums with babies up to 6 months old

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How do our shoppers behave and why?

Audience: Millennials | Geography: UK

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How do our shoppers behave and why?

An online research study together with mini groups and accompanied shops.
A very broad project comparing the behaviours of HomeSense and TK Maxx customers.

: Provided insight into shoppers likes and dislikes – and key issues for improvement.

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How should we position ourselves in the UK & differentiate from competitors?

Audience: Boomers; Millennials | Geography: UK

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How should we position ourselves in the UK?

Desk, Qual and Quant research amongst key stakeholders and customers.
Defining detailed audience typologies and behaviours.
Re-analysis of existing data.
Primary research to identify key motivations in the consideration and purchase of a river cruise or tour.
Culminating in the testing of five alternative creative positionings inc relationship with its sub-brand.

: Helped guide UK marketing strategy to differentiate from competitors and develop a new creative platform.

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What makes our product special?

Audience: Millennials | Geography: UK

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What makes our product special?

Understand mums’ attitude and relationship with infant snacking.
Define a new and differentiated product positioning.
Test product concepts and new recipes amongst new and existing users
Establish key messages for packs and direction of travel for NPD

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Depending on your target audience, and the insight required, we partner with you establish the optimum Qual or Quant solution. To ensure you get the utmost value from your investment.

Rigorously planned, executed and reported:
Say hello at the bottom of the page to discuss the best approach for your brand, and how Mint:Lab can help answer your questions.

1. Quantitative: “What, When, Yes, No.”


Using leading-edge software, mobile interactivity and multi-media together with real time reporting. 


Using face to face, telephone, hall test or postal methods – eg for older target audiences or other groups without access to the internet.


For multiple sectors via online test programmes and benchmarking trials. And for food via in-home placement, or store intercept interviews.


Ad hoc perception or ongoing brand tracking programmes which may include measures for salience, brand warmth, usage and attitudes.

2. Qualitative: “Why? “What do you think?”


Face to face and online traditional focussed groups & mini-group discussions (including remote client viewing). Depth interviews for sensitive or complex subjects.


User and potential user workshops allowing hands-on experience and rich feedback. Extendable into employee group studies.


Moderated online forums allowing direct feedback (eg for creative development testing).


Behavioural and observational research – in-home and retail, including accompanied shopping trips.

3. In-depth skills


It’s a fact that lots of research gets “lost” inside businesses. We review what already exists & consolidate it. Avoiding duplicated effort, establishing knowledge and identifying critical gaps.


Identifying groups of users or potential users with different attitudes and behaviours linked to bottom-line value.


Structured investigations utilising expert, specialist researchers using published sources to benchmark and explore issues.


Our proprietary modelling system compares the likely outcomes of investment and focuses on cost efficiency & fit to strategy.

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