Pitfalls of targeting for Plant-based brands.

Plant-based NPD accounts for a greater % of launches than ever before.
Even back in 2018 they reached 16% – double the 2015 figure.

But how brands target, and talk to, those audiences isn’t keeping pace.

Personas like ‘Vegetarian’ ‘Vegan’ ‘Meat eater’ ‘Pescatarian’ are out of date. Because despite trend reports and media content about the shift to veganism, we know that consumers are rarely 100% in one group or another.
The truth is, consumer choices are more flexible than ever before.

And it’s driving the number of meat-free meal occasions: 4.4 billion last year. Eaten by 10% of the population, 3x a week. But 92% of these plant-based meals are eaten by ‘non-vegans’.

So the language, audience segmentation & understanding is lagging behind.

Taking me as an example… using standard category labels, I don’t fit in: 73% of UK population eat meat, but I don’t eat red meat. EVER. Once or twice a week I eat poultry or fish, or something ‘Vegetarian’ or ‘Vegan’. Our family likes a variety of tastes, textures & flavours. Whether from scratch or a packet. And I go with the flow. I’m trying to eat healthily. But I’m not a crusader or moralist.

So: Can you categorise me by behaviour? Or consumption? Or attitudes?
(Try giving that as a targeting brief to your media company…)

The old labels just aren’t cutting it any more.
More insightful brand solutions are needed to properly connect with audiences.

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