“How do we reward an audience
that already has it all?”

Appealing to Amex’s most valued, high net worth customers.
And continuing the brand equity and loyalty of Centurion.

Brand activation, personalised mailing campaign, unique brand assets. Deployed via private banks worldwide.


Generated a massively over-subscribed response to an invite-only event, with members flying in from all over the world.
The comms gained the endorsement and trust of the private banks’ gatekeepers (whose job is to protect their clients’ privacy).
All contributing to the ongoing brand loyalty for Centurion.

How do you show your most important customers you value their business? And what if those customers are high net worth individuals who take luxury and ‘the best seats in the house’ for granted? This was our challenge for Amex’s famed ‘black card’ – the invitation only, Centurion Card. 

We already had a lot of insight into high net worth customers – but this group was clearly in the top tier. How could we encourage them to engage with the brand face to face? And do it in a way that wasn’t patronising. This audience needed something to attract them that money just couldn’t buy. And we needed to find a way of reaching them that would be supported by their ultra-conservative private banks, and their PA’s and gatekeepers.

: Activate

“Opera up Close” was the solution. A uniquely intimate Opera recital at the Royal Opera House. Comprising of up close recitals from young stars of the ROH, backstage access, and a strictly limited number of seats. 

The invitation had to be discreet enough not to overtly reveal the Centurion brand, but also with unique content & tone of voice to appeal to this audience that already ‘has it all’. The activity was comprised of a 3 stage personalised mailing plan of invite, confirmation, programmes & itinerary. And the overall impression was that this event was bespoke – created just for them.