“Here’s a bag of white powder.
We want to be an established brand but
we can’t outspend the market leaders”

Creating a unique fitness & lifestyle brand in a highly competitive marketplace.
Appealing to its image-conscious 18-30 audience.
Generating instant fanbase, trial & sales.

Brand creation, print & digital assets, experiential, social


Established the Decibel brand from day 1.
Created an instant 3,500 FB fans over the launch weekend.
An incredible 6x higher click-through rate on the FB ads vs. industry average.
And a 5x higher than FB average sales conversion (47.3%).
Packaging range of 30+ 
skus, and a library of unique print & digital brand assets.

One day we were presented with a giant bag of white powder. It was part of a high quality range of sports nutrition – that, crucially, actually tasted great. 

The market context to start up a new brand was extremely competitive and commoditised: nearly 400+ brands in the UK, most using cliché ‘pumped to the max’ language. Meanwhile, an ever increasing percentage of consumers were women (61% men & 40% women aged 16-34).

To avoid going head to head with the leading brands’ £multi million marketing spends, it needed a revolutionary strategy and approach. And one that would dial up flavour as a discriminator.


The breakthrough idea was to use the world of music as the brand’s vernacular. Thereby avoiding cliché workout terminologies and create a unique, premium brand territory. It also had the potential to crossover into aspirational DJ and lifestyle opportunities.

And so Decibel took to the stage. 

A total of 12 unique ‘shockwaves’ illustrations were created to represent each flavour, and further convey the personality of the brand.


The name Decibel was trademarked, and the identity and packaging range created.

We were then asked to launch and support the brand longer term.

So, as the great taste of the product was a USP, the brand was launched at an experiential sampling event. Sampling was then continued, and its reach widened, across Social. Supported by print and digital ads & promotions. With ROI planning & evaluation.