“We’re a £9billion global business, but you wouldn’t know it to look at us”

Reinvigorating a global forex brand via its transition to an online business model.

Brand identity, positioning, customer journey mapping, three ‘bank-level-security’ websites, print & digital assets.



Within 3 months of launch, lead volumes increased by over 40% and onboarding efficiency significantly improved.

Eventual revenue growth to £15bn, sale to Euronet £145m.

HiFX had to shift from a phone-based business model, to an online one. So this required a totally different sales approach and targeting.

Originally, the focus in their messaging was on product features and price, and not on the customer. Made more difficult by the fact that their B2C and B2B customers have very different needs and decision making processes.

And with a huge range of competitors using similar claims, language and styling there was almost no differentiation between quality businesses and small one man bands.

: Create

Through interviews with board members, stakeholders and key staff, we identified that the company was not showcasing its unique experience & expertise. From a customer’s point of view, none of it was evident from the brand experience as it was.

So we created the uniquely ownable, customer focussed idea: eXpertly done

Everything was aligned under this unifying idea. We then worked shoulder to shoulder with the international Board to coach them through the re-alignment process.

> We re-organised and re-configured sales propositions and messages – making information more attuned to targeted audience segments and their decision making processes.
> Authored a new, actionable customer mission, tone of voice and style of communication that was more emotive and benefit-led.
> And re-defined the specifics of the product offer and sales messaging to reflect on and offline sales.

This was followed by customer journey mapping via Mint:Lab to identify gaps in the customer sales funnel and onboarding process.
The results of which then informed the design and build of 3 new content-managed web sites for UK, New Zealand & Australia.