“Our product range costs 3x the norm,
but it’s only available in one value-led retailer”

Driving awareness, footfall and sales of a super-premium product within a value-led retailer.

Highly targeted Geo & Lifestyle mobile advertising campaign. Amplified via Social. 


The result? Empty Men’s Health freezers.
Exceeded the launch objectives of footfall and sales in the test stores.
With a comparatively modest media budget – the advertising achieved double the industry average click-through rate.
And an overall reach of 6million.
Unfortunately, it was so successful, Asda tried to recreate their own label version of it. Nice one!

: Research

Men’s Health & Kerry Foods developed a range of healthy, high protein frozen ready meals – to launch in a market worth £400m annually. And for success, they needed to target a wider audience than purely MH readers.

The MH brand provided credibility, but for non-readers, a barrier was that MH also represented overly ‘muscley’ men. However, we identified a large audience in men who liked to think of themselves as ‘healthy’ – even if they weren’t regular gym goers. (And often, the product would actually be bought by their partners.)

So, the challenge was to attract our target audience to the frozen fixture – persuade them to try the new range at a price nearly 3x that of the norm – with a minimal advertising media spend available – and achieve all of this only in Asda stockist stores – which wasn’t a great fit for the audience.

: Create

Our recommendation was media-led – targeting active men, using age, participation and interest in physical activity within Asda’s store catchment areas. Maximising impact whilst minimising media wastage – by using Geo and Lifestyle targeted mobile and social media.

Split testing of multiple creative executions to identify and refine the most successful imagery and messaging amongst audience typologies. Optimised live.
(Above: Key frames from one of the mobile ad animations)

Targeted around stockist stores to minimise media wastage. And deployed at key times of day.

: Activate

‘Upgrade your mealtimes’ was the unifying creative idea to hold together the complex hierarchy of messages Kerry and Men’s Health wanted to communicate. This was brought to life across a 2 stage mobile advertising campaign to align with in-store promotions.