“We want to launch with sampling,
but we need to convert to sales too.
(And without the budgets of Coca-Cola)”

Updating conventional thinking on sampling –
to change mums’ perceptions, drive awareness
& trial – and immediately convert to sales. 

Nationwide experiential sampling at stores. Integrated with promotion and social.


40k+ unit sales, as almost 40,000 people tried to ‘Win their shopping’.
100 stores visited across key target regions nationwide, 165,000 samples delivered.

Secured Trade listings.

Changed any negative preconceptions of it as a kids’ squash.
ustomers – and store managers – loved it.

If you hail from North of the Watford gap, you probably grew up on Vimto. But down South – less popular, making it an area of huge opportunity. 

The first challenge was that people either loved Vimto, or had negative preconceptions of it – whether they had tried it or not (and unaware it is made from 3 delicious fruits).
Second, we were very mindful of shoppers’ mindsets and stresses before going into store to do their shop. Particularly if they have children in tow.
And third, squash is a habitual purchase – mums usually rush through the drinks aisle without scanning the shelf. 

Play: CGI fly-through to demonstrate the set.

: Activate

Traditional thinking on sampling consists of offering passers-by a free product, and then crossing fingers that they then buy.
But because of our shopper insights, and the real business requirement to convert samples into sales – we integrated activities with the entire customer journey. To provide the best possible value, and return, on the sampling investment.

How it worked:
1. Opportunity to try before they buy, and a brief demonstration of the drink’s positive attributes (whilst the high impact ‘theatre’ is visible nearby)
2. Drove purchase by offering a prize promotion with proof of purchase
3. Option to interact with the set after they had finished their shopping (when less stressed)
4. Ability to share the experience via FB there and then.
5. Further extending the campaign beyond the sample. 


“Great promotion, been struggling all day to keep it on the shelf in the power aisle. It’s been very popular. We’re having to replenish the shelves every hour.”

Andy, Deputy Manager Tesco Extra, Salford

“The Vimto is flying off the shelves everybody is asking where it is.”

Nathan, Team Leader Asda, Milton Keynes

“I was surprised that it sold so well as you were doing your promotion. I didn’t believe in Vimto before and would never have put it on a stack as I didn’t think it would sell well. You’ve certainly changed my mind today.”

Leigh, Grocery Manager Morrisons, Tamworth

“We’ve sold more Vimto than ever before in one day – great activity”

Shaun, Grocery Manager Sainsbury’s, Bybrook

“In adverse weather conditions, the Vimto event has gone down brilliantly with the customers. Would love to have had you guys back on a hot summer’s day”

Brian, Duty Manager, Asda Rotherham

“Your Vimto promotion has had a great impact on sales. It’s stood out from other activities we’ve had for drinks”

Luke, Store Manager Tesco Extra, Hemel Hemsptead

“Great response from customers. We’ve seen the
‘pester power’ today from children to persuade their parents to buy a Vimto. Been positive all round. Thanks for coming to see us!”

Ray, Store Manager Asda, Huddersfield

“The best promotional event I’ve seen in a long time. It’s brilliant.”

Adam, Duty Manager Morrisons, Small Heath

To create an inclusive, interactive experience we brought the TV character to life via a supersized retro TV screen – linked to an iPad with an Augmented Reality app. This shared to a live stream on Facebook encouraging social sharing; bespoke sound effects of Vimtoad apparently talking to passers-by, and a ‘follow me’ tour van for the purple celebrity himself – which also then doubled up as mobile advertising.