Signs it’s time to rebrand. And the cost of doing nothing.

Recognise any of these…?

Our brand no longer fits who we are.

Our brand doesn’t feel modern or reflect our values or market trends

Our visual materials are inconsistent – our audience sees scattered and unfocused messages.

Our employees can’t articulate the brand or audience and so lack direction and clarity.

We’ve become generic using the same language and imagery as our competitors

Our brand idea is vague or poorly articulated.

Our products have evolved or new products are in development that our brand name simply doesn’t fit

Our consumers don’t understand us or are drifting away

Our competition is improving and we need to defend ourselves

We’ve had our branding for years and never really had the time or money to improve it

We need to disassociate our brand from a negative image.

We’re struggling to raise our prices and increase our profit margins.

We want to attract new audiences.

If so, your brand is probably in need of an update. But that doesn’t mean its necessarily time for a new logo.

A brand is not a logo.

Brands, after all, aren’t something you can point at – and the logo or identity is just a small part of the overall branding. A brand is the sum of all of the touch-points that come into contact with current or potential customers. It’s personality, tone of voice what it says, how it says it, where it says it, its customer service, its values and overall view on the world. It’s what customers feel about it, that defines that brand.

Ok, it’s not an overnight job. And, of course, it requires a budget. But in the face of ever growing competition and ever evolving customer behaviours, there’s always the cost of doing nothing…